Monday, May 18, 2009

Electrogame Update Episodical

Thought I'd catch you up on the latest and heppest happenings on the interwaves! Behold:

Windosill! A game about doing things with stuff - with physics. There's a free version that is a pretty good time, and a paid version ($3) to the quality of which I cannot attest. (Because I am a cheap-steak.) (That is a steak which has been cheaply prepared. It doesn't taste very good.) But Windosill tastes excellent, despite the missing "w' in its name. Have a look. (PC or Mac.)

Rails! An adaptation of a board game, apparently. (Does look it rather a bit, doesn't it?) I haven't played the original, but the video-game is quite nifty. (Even though I had no idea of what I was doing.) You deliver things to places! Sometimes, you even deliver cheese. Also your train goes choo-choo! I do not think there is anything more which can be asked of a train. Or a game.

Plus, according to the change-log, "Options on the Stats menu no longer corrupt the game"!

What more could you ask? Direct download here. (PC only, sorry.)

And now two games, from one man. Both rather similar to Gate; the creator refers to them as "Games for Engineers", which, as an Engineer, seems entirely correct to me. In no particular order:

Bureau of Steam Engineering
! A game about building great big walking 'mechs', armed with weapons ranging from flamethrowers to buzz-saws to repeating rifles - to fight against other Civil-War era mechs. (Yes. This is in the Civil War.) Your mech is powered by steam, and the gameplay is mostly about cobbling together its internals to make it shoot things properly... it's a bit fiddly, and sometimes counterintuitive, but quite a good time! (It distracted both me and an number of collegues while we really should have been working on a math laboratorium project. So multiple people are guaranteed to have liked it! You should need no more assurance to be confident of this game's quality.) Direct link here - it's Flash, so all OSes are welcome to frolick.

KOHCTPYKTOP! This one is really close to Gate - they're both about low-level circuit design - but KOHCTPYKTOP is even lower-level - you start with nothing but silicon and metal, and have to build your own AND, OR, and NOT gates. (Not in that order.) I'm stuck on the second puzzle (pictured above), so I'm not sure I can recommend it - but it really is very interesting, testified to by the fact that I've been thinking about that blasted puzzle for hours. So maybe try it? It's a flash-o-tron, so you don't even have to download it. (Plus, apparently, there is a HIDDEN SURPRISE at the end. That sounds... alluring!)

See you next time! In... the land of the video-game.

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