Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Little Nikolas: Epilog

Little Nikolas woke up the next day, bright and early. He smiled at the day, innocently, adjusted Samhadriel's seat (left somewhat too high by yesterday's repairs), and set off again. Within fifteen seconds, he heard a rather loud noise.

"Your back tire's got a flat," a helpful passerby informed little Nikolas.

Nikolas thanked her politely, then, wearily, began walking his bike once again to the bike shop.

The end.


Chris R. said...

For all its faults, my scooter does have the significant advantage of solid plastic wheels, which are more resilient, if not impervious, to situations that would puncture inflatable wheels.

Chris R. said...

I also really hope that you made up the name of your velocipede just for the sake of these posts...

Chris R. said...

Also, the girl, was she hot?

Cavalcadeofcats said...

That is an advantage, yeah. Any other day in the year, I wouldn't say it was that big of one. Today...?

And yes, I did. But now that I've made that name, I'm keeping it. (It's a pretty good name. Very Tolkeinesque.)

And finally: David, you should not impersonate others. It's quite rude. (If amusing.)