Sunday, April 05, 2009


The blag is becoming ever more blog-like, isn't it? I mean, here's Nikolas again, writing about his mundane personal life in his boring way. So typical! I am very ashamed of myself, and blame this trend on lack of inspiration of late.

Of course, the last post was a 2500+* word fiction-post, in an ongoing series which, by the time of its completition (assuming it will be completed, of course), will reach novella length. But I'm referring to trends, not specific anecdotal evidence.

I digress.

So. Last evening. Having had a moderately productive day, I tried out Eternal Silence, a space combat/FPS multiplayer electro-video-game-mod - surprisingly enjoyable! (The very first thing I did was hop into a space fighter and, without benefit of joystick, shoot down two enemy fighter-ships piloted by human beings. I felt like a Space Ace!) Then I went to bed. Unfortunately, certain of my more alcoholic suite-mates were hosting a party in the common room, about ten feet away from my door. Loud music, loud chatter and laughter... hadn't the energy to get out of bed and tell them to stuff it. Eventually ended up sleeping around 1 AM. (That's what I get for trying to sleep in my own bed on a Saturday night, I... guess?)

Dreams. Dreamt that a particular lady of my acquaintance - though, now that I've awoken, I can't remember who - had agreed to date me. (More or less propositioned me, in fact!) Went to tell my friends - first Roland, who was in the back-yard, for some reason; and woke up. That was not a fun awakening.

Still makes me unhappy to think about it, actually. The whole lady/dude interaction has been weighing ever more heavily on me over the last few months - probably, at least in part, owing to the dramatic spike in people I know who have girlfriends - and man, it just seemed perfect and so forth...

Feh. Because I am not 'emotional', I will conclude this post on a brighter note. Behold! And enjoy.

*2671 words.

Edit: The guy hosting the party in question notes, as of one hour ago:

"As we all know last night got quite a bit out of hand. [Various unpleasant consequences listed]. For what it's worth, I'm sorry to all the people I pissed off. No more parties in the common room, no more loud ass music..."

Perhaps I should have complained after all.


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