Thursday, April 02, 2009

life of kelse

kelse went to the gates and looked up into the abiss, he saw many things that were knew to him and many things that were auld to him. he saw the womon that he despysed, and that womon that he never saw before, but he formed a bond with her in his mind, like that mann in Death in vinice, except he was a paedofile, but anyway, kelse went to many lecturres, and one of his techers looked like the borate of aluminiumme (but he is not nearley as intresting, unfortounoutley), and one of then was from the canadda, and had a silly acsent, which kelse laughed at, and one of then was a cool-dude, et cettera. and he learned many thinges, he learned the laws of maxwelle, and the engines of steame, and he learned to sepeake like the russiens in the north, or syberia, and he was beleagured by astray cats in the night, such that he could not sleep, and his toiletries were up-graded, even theough they were still quite inadequate, and he saw his old compagnion, in the lecture halles, and he contemplated switching his class times such that he could hit on her more effectiveley, but he did not, becasuse he saw her once having sex with a mann.

now i will say a pysic story, at the recuest of the nikkoulouuse

there was a nikkolous
and he was imbedded into a giant resoivoir
and it conteyned
600 litres of watter,
and he was drouning
but he was quicke on his minde
and he calculated the pressure
upon him self
and he saved his skine, and
he climbed out of the watter.
then, he encountered a very large shippe, and he sailed the 7 seas
and he said to himself, how do i know how much
i will sink of flote
if i hit that iseberg
then he said to himself, i know
the laws of astrologie,
and he calculated the answer based on
the position of the star
and he say to himself,
if that hit the iceberg, then
my shippe might sink, so
he avoided it
another triumpf for asrtonology!

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Cavalcadeofcats said...

You know, most people might use astronomy instead, in that situation. (Or common sense.) But I'm glad that Nikolas has such mental agility, to be ready to use such an unsual tool!

Man! Stray cats! (I wish there were any stray cats around here.)

...your toiletries are... inadequate?