Friday, April 17, 2009

The Great Expedition

My dreams are strange tonight, vivid. I see -
A muffin - apple - I eat them regularly, nearly every morning. But it's night; and I'm gripping it tightly, almost with anger. (Why anger?) A whisper: "The tighter you hold..."
And now I'm holding rock, yellow-red-orange. My balance shifts, and I grip the rock for stability; but it crumbles in my hand, leaving nothing but a layer of thick dust on my hand.
I can see myself, now; I'm on a narrow trail along a tall cliff face, a very long way from the top and the bottom both. I inch my way downwards; accidentally, I kick a rock, sending it flying downwards in a spray of dust. It lands, so far below, before a triangular sign: "Unstable Cliffs: STAY BACK!"
I look outwards, away from the cliff face. The sun has already set; no more than a tiny part of its light remains to show me the vast expanse of water stretching outwards and away. (The ocean?) The light dims, faster and faster; everything becomes pitch black. Then a light appears. I walk towards it, knowing somehow that it is the way back from whatever strange place I have found myself in; but I arrive, and there is nothing there but further darkness. I look up, into the light; it is so bright as to blind me...

And when my eyesight returns, I am in the dining hall near my dorm, eating dinner at the end of a long and tiring day. Two friends join me at the table; we talk. They mention that they are going to "The Cliffs" after dinner; "You want to join us?" they ask. Impulsively, I agree.

Minutes later, one of my dinner-companions recieves a call...

(To be continued tomorrow morning, when I can keep my eyes open. Preview pictures:

EDIT: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

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