Friday, April 24, 2009

Dos Mons

IN the towne of Pelloponise, with was 20 km out side of Gérale in the départment of Houtelé, a man who was name Kélséye, he was a purveyour of boucher-producte, like meats and fleisch. He was the son of Nékolés, who was also a pourveyor of boucher, and who was born in province of Sallame, in the wind-swept vallies in the Pleines of the southe, and who was adept with the forgereon, being a black smithe, and he understoud the principels of the magnetes, and the électricité.

THERE, one day, a resident of the towne of Boulouton, which was 5 km to the West, invited M. Kélséye to dîner, at his house, what M. K. did not know then was that the man in question, who was name Nékoulás, was, a homousexuel, and wished to engege in intercouse, not with M. K., för that would be inapropriate for his casuèl acquiaintence, but he did wish to engege in intecourse in front of him, to démonstrate his skils.

HOWEVER, M. K., being a Chrétièn, feared that would not meete the approvale of Jesús, so he did not come to accepte the invitación.

THEN, M. Nikoulos, who was from the Greek Îslends, became very ofended by the behaviour of M. K., and M. N. avowed to avenge him self, and he went to the Université to educate him self in the ways of the électricité, and he studied at Cambridge, under M. Nikoulesse, who was a professeur of Histoire, and Gouvermente, and he learned of the Currents, and the Voltaic Piles, and the vitreous électricité, and the resinous électriçité, and he was very safistied by this, but he was not satified sexuelley, so he went to do some thing about that.

THEREFORE, M. N. went to the laboratoire, and he conducted experiments upon the movementes of the frog-legges upon the electriçité, and he did not make much progrèss, and also, he was loneley in the night-time, and he wished to lie down with a womane, and thus, he went upon the lecture Halls, and he stood in one of the vestibules, and waited for some womones to passé.

AND, surely enough, after a peroid of time, a womane paçed, and he found her superficialy atractive, and thusly became enamoured of her immédiately, and he said that he need assistençe with his frog-legs experimente, for it was of great urgency that the frogs must be stimilated at regulaire intervals, and she said that she would, and he was excited, such that he had to couver the ligning of his pantalon, to prevent seepage of unseemley materials, and then he further suggested that they should discuss the matters in the tea room, so as to create an atmosphère of conviviality, and she agréed, and he was most pleased.

THEN, upon retourning to his apartemente which he rented upon the river, at Brattleboro, he found him self a lettre from the womane, and it said that they should meet in the Tea room in several days, or weekes, upon the ids of Marsch, but he was very concerned, so he wrote back, and expressed urgènçe, and became very worried, and she did répond eventually, and she said that she will be upon the Clock tower, and that he should go immédiately.

THEREUPON, he went, in a great storm and fury, through the rain, which fell like a rain drops from the Heavons, and he entered the clock tower, ascénded the 12 flights of steppes, and looked for the womane, but, alack, he crie, she was absént, and he panicked greatly.

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