Friday, April 24, 2009

Aixeca els Murs

NOW, M. N. who was indeed very panicked, and sweating profusley, and in a great storm and fury, sent his valet to go up to the tower, and send a message to the tower-keeper, for whom to deliver to the womoan. And it was so done, and the womone réponded that she was in the secret corridor, across from the gargoyels, and he feared that she was hiding from him, out of an aversion, and he carefully ascénded the final flight of stares, and thys, she was there, and she greet him cordially.

THEREFORE, did they investigate the legs of the frogs, upon the tableau, where there were stacked many tomés, and many instruments of Opticks, and did they have many plaisant conversations, and they stopped breifley, in order to summon a pheasant to be killed, and dressed, and roasted in a wood-burning-oven, and they ate of it, and it was very tasteful.

AND, near the end of their meeting, came a gentleman, who could only be décribed as "Lanky and Effeminate", came unto the odd couple, and he touched him self in a most erotick manner, such to imply that he was a homosexuel, however, that not being the case, he was making a most convinçing argumente for the womoan to lie with him in a bed.

THEREFORE, was M. N. very displeas'd, however he kept to himself, and stimlilated the frog in silénce.

HOWEVER, his overall impression of the meeting remained positivé, and he indeed had high hopes for the futur, anticipaitng the return of the womane to his door-steppes upon several days at the moste, and he was tremendously excited.

BUT, the strange man, whom he had seen in the clock-tower, and who tried to woo the womoan, and whom he thought was naught but a small cocke, and whom he dissmissed of his mind thereupon, was determined, M. N. décided, to lie with the womoan, in a bed, or to isolate the possibilité of him self doing such that, for him being excludéd, and in a rutte of unfurtuné.

BECAUSE, he saw, the next day, the man him self, conversing in the womon, in a most suggestive and erotick manner, in the lecture halle, where they engaged in stimulation, and he became most enraged, and he could hardly keep his countenance, and he wept bittre tears, and he sought to take his life, however, he be a cowarde, and did not that.

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Cavalcadeofcats said...

Oh, poor Mr. Zhang! My pity for you is infinite. (For one reason or another.)