Monday, April 13, 2009

clandestine meeting at the point of cove

in a place known coloquialy as the nikolas school university, a small private christien university in south los-angeles, USA, there was a small schoolchild who was nikolas , and he was dressed in coudouroy overalls, and a peasant hat, with a feathere in it, and he ploughed the fields. but this is irrevelant to the real world. In the real world was a university in the same general location, except it existed, and there was a real school child who was called Nikolas, and he was a dude, and he wore ordinary clothes, and he wore a beard, and a moustache, and a pencil behind his ear, like a mechannique. Now this boy Nikolas longed for a womon despeately, this womon who was in his computter class, and who was a computer-womon, and who he looked at on the face book, and after which he did things which I shall not describe here, for they are againsts the teachings of the Christienne preceptes. And later, the Nikolas who decided to "make his move", went up to the girl, and he offered her wine, honey, and bread, and a rock that attracted and repelled other rockes, and which the vendeure said was from the island of magnesia, and he licked her in anticipation agh this story makes no sense, I will tell of my own woes instead, tomrrow I have a laboratory period, and there is this womon that is hot, but not in the conventional sense, and I guess that is what makes her hot. anyway, I need to hit on her despite overwhelming obstacles, such as actually having to talk to her ,and like, finding her, I guess, because I tried to stalk her after class, and I think I was actually doing quite a good job at it, but then she disapperaed.

Anyway, new information from the Nikolas, apparently she is a computter-womon as well, which probably makes her more sexable, because then they can like, I guess do fore play with computer in-jokes? I dont know. I am not a computer man. Maybe they can like do a computer program while they have sex. Is that "kinky" for computer people? am I turning them on right now?

Anyway, Nikolas did just that, everything that I described here, and he had a jolly old time, and she was very satisfied, if you know what I mean (dawg)

Also now I am in contest to have sex with a womon before nikolas does, it could really go either way at this point, I will have to accelerate my stratigies.

now I have to get ready to hit on that womon. So I guess I will get there early and Intercept her at the door? what if she comes with her 'friends' ? I think she came in to class alone today. Man she is hot. What if she is already married. I did not see a ring on her finger. Was that actually her I saw with that man to-nite? I remember her backpack. I can veryify it when I See her tomororw. If i see her tomrrow. What if she changers periiond? This popular music song is quite good. Whoa dang , maybe i should be like, I am that guy who doesnt have sex until i got married, will that 'put the pressure off her' ? There are so many hot womons that I see in my classes but I never hit on any of them . Or talk to them. Or have sex

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Cavalcadeofcats said...

This was... pleasantly surreal.

Also, not certain that contest is a good idea. Seems like turning love into a competition is a poorly-thought-out notion... but I can't compel you either way, of course.