Saturday, March 15, 2008

Coyote - The Board Game

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Objective: Trick foes, achieve Coyote Goals.
Goals can be:
- Engage in intercourse
- Enrich yourself at others' expense, then kill them
- Kill a specific target for an imagined slight
- Interfere with everyone else

Each player begins with a certain number of resources: magic ball, deadly flatulence, ears, etc. Players move forward together on a track, each space possessing a listed encounter. Encounters may include a man-eating monster, or pretty girls, or a giant, rolling, talking meatball. The player whose turn it is uses their resources to try to use the encounter to move towards their goal. For instance, a player who wished to engage in intercourse might attempt to woo the encounter with their shiny jewelry (for instance), or might attempt to gain their desire through stealth and cunning instead. Then other players take turns using their own items or abilities to either manipulate the encounter or previous players to their advantage; for instance, the player with the shiny jewelry might have it stolen away by a Coyote with a knack for theft, or that same Coyote might roll rocks down onto the others and kill them both - if, of course, a later player doesn't muck it up. (Which they have every reason to do.) Items, abilties, and encounters have listed interactions, but if players find a creative, amusing interaction, they are encouraged to allow it.

Eventually, all great adventures come to an end; the Coyote board game ends suddenly and inexplicably. Every turn after the fifth, there is a chance it will end; certainly it ends by the tenth. There is no warning. Player may tack on a moral lesson to the end, if they so desire, and then points are tallied. One point is awarded per kill; 3 per useful item or ability retained by the end; and 10 per successful incident of intercourse. The victor points and laughs at his or her opponents, and then it is all over.


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King Kessler said...

I don't see how most of the game will really work, but I like the ending!