Saturday, March 15, 2008

Roboland, USA - Part One


Lo, all was begun on the morn of the first day, two days before this author sorrowfully sets his pen to paper; the men of metal had made their journey, and began the work to ready them for the Great Conflict ahead. But in the morn our protagonist, the Brother, did not go; rather, he did slumber, even unto the time after noon, whereunto he did awaken, to the surprise of all, and travel to the north, wherein lay the lands of the Mechanical.

Lo, there were many strange things in that place, including a Shrubbery, marked as unto those in wheeled-chairs (that is, the disabled), in paint of blue; it guarded the entrance, but allowed us passage. Inside we did find noise, and people, and goggles, which it behooved us to wear. This accomplished, we did see the automata: and there were many. One came from Hawaii; another from Mexico, to our surprise; and a third, our neighbour, from far Boston, of the tribe known as "WPI". They had a suction cup. It sucked and did not suck, referring to each meaning of that word respectively.

Lo, the robots did race to, and also fro, and back, and also forth, so as to test them, and ready them for the battles ahead. And lo, there was the Orange Bot, known by the number 100, which did possess the rollers, and the telescoping mechanism, such that it was able to grab, and hold, in a manner that appeared as magic. And they did wear Seussian hats. And it was goode.

Lo, did the brother (and this author) have little purpose in the affair; and did they help in the manner of the bumper-men, who do watch and hold the bumpers; and it was goode.

And then they returned home; for them, the day was over. But the struggle would continue long into the evening, as silent assassins and saboteurs struck, trying to turn the tide of the competition before it had truly begun. The men of the law patrolled, the braver among them acting against the ninja, at risk of their own lives. It was a time of heroes and cowards; but we were not there. Also, that was all a lie. For us, the true tale would resume to-morrow.

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King Kessler said...

A titillating introduction!