Monday, March 03, 2008

Und Hea Did Win

Beige Electronic Teacup v.1.0
"Your reality, our concern."


17:11:40 Small_Green_Lump: give lemon
17:11:47 (BET): done
17:12:07 Small_Green_Lump: observe surroundings
17:12:19 (BET): You see a cat.
17:12:29 Small_Green_Lump: throw lemon at
17:12:32 Small_Green_Lump: cat
17:12:37 (BET): You lose.
17:12:49 (BET): Your score is 1 out of a possible 1337, giving you a rank of meizlizard.
17:12:54 Small_Green_Lump: Load game
17:13:02 (BET): I don't understand that command.
17:13:12 Small_Green_Lump: load "save 1"
17:13:18 (BET): I don't understand "load".
17:13:32 Small_Green_Lump: select timber
17:13:46 (BET): The wolf howls.
17:13:49 Small_Green_Lump: build lemon cannon
17:14:04 (BET): You win.
17:14:18 (BET): Your score is 1336 out of a possible 1337, giving you the rank of "Lemon."
17:14:28 Small_Green_Lump: Equip guitar
17:14:46 (BET): Done.
17:14:48 Small_Green_Lump: Use guitar
17:15:23 (BET): Done.
17:16:09 Small_Green_Lump: Play: macintosh hd/users/gavin/desktop/sweetjams.mp3
17:16:28 (BET): na na, na na na, naaaaaaaaaa


Cavalcadeofcats said...

Ah! So that's where that other text-adventure post came from.

Also, so you know, the command in old text adventures is always restore, not load. It's tripped me up a few times, so I felt I had to include it for "verisimilitude."

King Kessler said...

I bet the only reason they put this game together is to show off their tune-to-text algorithm.