Sunday, March 16, 2008

An Explosive Plan


Are you hungry?

If so, this is my plan.

My SCIENCE plan. (Do not do this, at home or otherwise.)

First, purchase some magnesium vitamins. They should be available in your local drug-store - they were when I looked. This will be the magnesium component of the concoction.

Don't eat them! That is very counterproductive. Do not do it.

Instead, set up an electrolysis mechanism. Two tanks of solution, magnesium oxide in one, current applied, etc., etc.. Bam! Pure magnesium - just what the doctor ordered. Treat it carefully - it burns hot!

The other two main components needed are iron oxide, e.g., rust - which shouldn't be hard to find - and powdered aluminium, which might be trickier. You want a small bowl full of the mixture. Equal molarity, please, and mix well.

This bit's sort of tricky. Set up a stand. Below it, put your bowl of thermite. On the stand, put a large pot full of water and ramen. There should be rather a lot of it. Make sure that the pot has handles! Also, don't use one you value particularly.

You may need to repeat the next several steps - they are somewhat unreliable. Lay a short magnesium "fuse" to the rust. BE VERY CAREFUL. Do not set off sparks! Put a lighter at the other end of the "fuse", and tape that to the ground. Attach a wire to the trigger and stand well back.

This would be a good time to set up a video camera.

Put on protective goggles, close your eyes, and pull the wire.

Whoomph! If all goes well, you've just ignited your the magnesium fuse, which, in turn, shortly ignited the thermite, causing the water to superheat and cooking the ramen. Bam! Now that's fast.

There is also a fair chance that 1) the water instantly boiled and sent gouts of scalding steam out and/or 2) the bottom of the pot melted, dropping water and ramen onto the burning thermite and boiled the water instantly, etc, etc.

Again: don't do this.

Also, if I ever have a free-choice chemistry project, this would undeniably be it. I don't even like ramen! But it is too cool an opportunity to waste.

( do have to heat ramen, right? If not, substitute anything that requires boiling/microwaving in its place. Should have just as excellent results.)

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King Kessler said...


You don't have to. Uncooked, it makes for a great popcorn substitute, at a fraction of the volume!