Friday, March 21, 2008

nikolas the chauvinist

nikolaus was a rampant chauvinistic
he loved to ogle
the womons
of the streets
and the hallwayes
and the corridores, and the lecture halles
the gymnasium
and sometimes
when he saw a womon
who was hot
he would go
up to her
and accost her
he said her hotness
was blinding him
and prevent him
form accomplish
anything usefull
and then because of this he went to a cool place
and he had sex
and then he told the kessler about it
and the kessler called him a sexist
and the nikolas was hurt
because all he did
was have sex
99 times
and then the nikolas killed the kessler
and it was good
and one day he decided to post all this hot womon
spotting on the interwobbes
and the polis-men found out
and they arrested him
and then he died
in prison
he caught
the sickness was not unto death
and the revived
and he continued to love
and womon
love him
and it was gode.


Cavalcadeofcats said...

I'm not certain that this is an accurate summary of events.

Also, I'm amused at the "cool place".

King Kessler said...

They were actually guys.
(The ones he ogled; he had sex with womons.)