Saturday, March 15, 2008

Roboland, USA - Part Three

Lo, on this day, the last of the days, lo, those days which were assigned, to compete, and battle, and strive for supremacy, it was again the intent to travel of this author with his brother, the protagonist of this tale. But lo, it was not to be! That fellow's slumbering, which did delay in the past, was too severe to-day; indeed, it did persist well after noon-tide! So did this author depart without him, traveling unto the lands of the north without him. Therein did he see the end of the battle.

We lost.

Lo, though a first-year entry, we had ascended even unto the semi-finals, remarkable indeed. In the first battle this author witnessed, we triumphed, gloriously traveling around the track, moving the ball in elliptical, irregular shapes. Lo, the robot did perform even autonomously, in functionality magnificent, surpassing all others.

But twice more we struggled, and twice more lost; penalized, yea, penalized! for collision and improper movement. O bitter fate! how that it should turn so against us? This, this, was the sorrow that this author did write of even as he began, some four posts ago! O, o, o!

Seriously, though, we did pretty well. Also, we were out of money anyway; so it's just as well we didn't proceed to regionals. We couldn't afford it!

And that is the end of the great contest of the automata.


Maraj said...

A Marge feels he should point out that those were the regionals.

Cavalcadeofcats said...

A Marge is correct, a Nikolas was confused.

King Kessler said...

O, o, o!