Saturday, March 22, 2008

Te Kronigeklerele of Desmeonte

In the Beginninge, there was a Nikolaus, and a Kessler, and a Choppe-Barre, and they did do many goode Thynges with them.

Yea, behold, in the Morninge, when there were Birdes, and they did chirpe violentlie, for they were in Heate, and they did copulate onover the Populace, yea, they were greatly perturb'd, and vex'd, and bemus'd, and shell-shock'd, and the Nikolous saw that it was goode, and he did laugh at them, and he did point, in a mannere that does not befitte a Gentelman, and it was goode. And yea, he did provide his Bear-Hole, whereupon it was warme, and full of Lighte, and he did say unto Men, "Lo, ye shall come unto my Bear-Hole, and occupie it, and utilise it, and suffere in it, and performe the Studie of the Chymistry in it, and entertaine ye self in it, with Games of elecktronicke, and they did come, and they did do all of the the Thynges that were mentioned by the Nikolous, and it was goode.

And it came to pass, that when the Sunne did descende into the Abysse, and it becayme the Mid-Daye, then the Nikolous, being voraciousse, and hungrie, did say unto Men, "Lo, ye shall come unto the Choppe-Barre, and feast on the Foodes of the Worlde, and Crabbes, and Egges, and Goates, and Vegetabels, and Tuberes, and Legumes, and Herbes, and Beries, and Spyces, and then ye shall retire to the Beare-Hole of the Nikolous, and thereupon ye shall compete in elecktronick Games, and it shall be goode", and it was goode.

And it came to pass, that, the Nikolous, thought having assembell'd a syzeable Partie, with which to go the Choppe-Barre, could not finde the Kessler, who, in his possesion, contayned a greate Crystalle, which could take them to the Choppe-Barre faste, in a magick Waye, and the Nikolous, befuddel'd, went to the Halle of the Mathematickes, and he found the Kessler, and he did saye unto him, "Lo, ye shall give your Crystalle unto our Partie, otherwise, you shall be executed swiftlie, and the Kessler, fearinge for his own Lyfe, did come unto the Partie of the Nikolous, and he did depart swiftly, and in the course of severalle Houres, they did come unto the Choppe-Barre, and it was goode.

And yea, behold, they did feaste on many Foodes, and they did become engorgede, and they did decide to battel in a civilised Fashione to relieve them selfes, and they did retyre to the Nikolous-House, and they played some Games, and they did have a Jollie Tyme, and it was goode.


King Kessler said...

I was terrified! (for my own life)

Cavalcadeofcats said...

This is exactly what happened. (Except with more bears.)