Friday, August 14, 2009

young nikouls' enterprising adventures

IT Waas the yeer 1612 and olde towne upon the hylles of the Univyrsity on the castelle of Glasgowe, and yronnge Nikoulous was being ordayned as a Mynistre, thusly was he being educated there. And, it beeing Christmastyme, were there many festevals, bothe upon the strets of the towne squaure, and allso in the halles of the Univyrsity too. The wintry stormes swirlt across the planes of the grassey knowles of the stoune walls. Mr. Nikoulous, being the sonne of a welthey merchante, whos commisions came upon the Weste Indies, and the shippes which sayled thereof, he had seezed several barrels of rhum, from the pyrates which troubbled the waters there, and of this controband, he did partake a tanckard, for he was a heartey Christen man. Then, he wente unto the large roome in the halle of the Univyrsity, whereupon there was much merriemaking, and also carouling, and carousing, and the invitations of estrange womene, into the walls of the place, and youngge Nikoulous was much comfuised, for he know not of the Worldly affaires, that beplague much of the pouplace. And he engaged in many japes, and festive dances, and skittes, and he had much wyne from the pounchbowle, and he was wont to knowe of the estrange ladies who were in the compagnie of the estudiantes thereupone, and he enquired of it, and 't was explained to him, that they were for the goode compagnie, and the pleasures, and entertainments, of the younge men in the festivalle, and that, if he wishe, that he may go up to one of them, and ask for the tymes, and that he shall engage hier in counversation, and that then she would go to the bedchambre with him, and engage in exotick affaires. And Nikoulous was intrugeud by thisse, and he did what he was tolde, and when he arrived upon the bedchambres, he was much frightened, and she began to do strange thinges to him, and he was very much afeared of thisse, and he withdrew from the roome imminently. The next day he enquired to the rector of what the estrange women were, and he told him, and then he was very muche asshamed, of his behaviour, and he went to confesse his sins, and atoune for them.

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