Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Wendigo's New Hat

Five women, swords drawn, surrounded the cowering Wendigo. Each was armoured in shining mail, and carried a bow and quiver on their backs; their swords were both sharp and keen. The Wendigo, in contrast, was naked (saving only its fur), panting from earlier exertions, and appeared terribly unprepared for conflict.

"We have you at last!" one of the women exclaimed, triumph filling her voice. She wore a distinctive white fedora on her head. "Your life of murder and cruelty has come at last to its end. Now - we will kill you!"

She advanced towards the Wendigo, sword held pointing directly at its skull.

"You have done so many terrible things," the woman continued. "You have killed so many, destroyed so much... to imagine that we would finally corner you, here, now? It's barely imaginable."

The Wendigo seemed to be catching its breath.

"But now we'll kill you," the woman said. "We'll take revenge for everything you've done and render you unto dust and carrion. We'll patch the flaw in the world!"

Her sword slipped downwards as the woman stared into the Wendigo's eyes, her teeth bared.

"Now," she said. "Now, I'll kill you. Now, I'll make an end to everything you've done. I'll stab you with my sword. And that. Will. Be. Tha - ergh!"

In one quick movement, the Wendigo had her throat in its hand; there was an ugly snap, and she went flying into the ranks of her comrades, sending them tumbling. The Wendigo was moving, its dirty white fur stained red -

And when the fight was over, the Wendigo had a brand new hat!

If you're going to kill someone, do it. Standing around for half an hour, gloating, rarely (if ever) ends well!

Actually, gloating over your defeated foes is pretty much always a bad idea. Worth considering.

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