Friday, August 28, 2009

The kronickels of desmound level 5

This is the hiſtorye of Deſmonde, who wæs geboren in the towne of Iſce-lunde, and who wæs a fyghter in the armies of the fourtificatione, and allſo, who wieldid the greate Sworde Durendall, and who defeated the Ratte-Kinge Nikoulous, yea, and who was a friend to the Preiſt Matteo, and allſo, who commanded the pouer of the Magicke Dragone Kinge. Yea, it wæs richt, that in the tyme before the greate criſiſſe of the Ratte-Kinge, ther weran a auld legende, who ſaith, that of the mych tymes of Deſmonds youthe, and that he taken the tyme to become a miniſtre of the fayth, and that he was to be educated, at Oxforde, that was cloſe to his hauſe, and ſych that he taketh a longe boat, that was conſtruit of ſtrong woode of the tymbres, that he cutte downe, and placed uver a fyre, in which was alight the dunges of nombreous elfes which roomed the foreſte, and which Deſmond belifed that this proceſſe werden fortifie the rafte, which he was carefull to be ſtronge in the great ſee. Then he taketh the ſmall boat, and then he ſaileth acroſſe the fjordes, untill that he recheth the iſles of Britaigne.

Whan he coume to the lande of the Britons, Deſmond needed to rech ſtill the halls of the Univerſite, which was as he knewed, at leaſt ſeveral furlonges from the ſhor, and Deſmonde, being a clevar ladde, and who was reſourſefull, did gather ſeveral ſea-faring birdes, and the tooke the legges of ſych birds with a rope that he hath gemaken aut the beards of nombreous muſſels in the tydal pooles. Thuſly, he tyd a length of rope unto his own corps, and did he alight unto the aire, ſuch that he kunne travelle at great viteſſe unto the colds winds of Britaigne. In the aire, he looketh down unto the ſurface of the lande, whereupon he ſawe manny townes, and having greate thirſte from his voyage, he drooped down unto one of the townes, and he went in ſide the publick hauſe, and he demanded a tanckard of ales.

Whan Deſmond hath gedrinkt the ales, he talketh amoungſt the local peoples, who were converſing of the newes, and that the invaſion was imminente, and Deſmond was in great diſtreſſe, for he feared that he not kunne contignue his educacion againſt the threght of any foreign invaſions. Thuſly, he enquired as to the nature of the war fare that werden occureth. And it came to paſs, that, the Normans, who waren in the ſouthe lands, and who deſired to conqure Britaigne, hath gelandt ſone yette upon the ſhors, and that they were hoſtyle to them.

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Cavalcadeofcats said...

I can only approve of muusel-beards. _Only approve._ I hope this promising new series continues soon!