Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The grand adventures of sir késsler, duke of spain

One day in a high tower there was a young prince upon the thrones of the bloodline succession of the thrones of a court somewhere in Spain, and one day this prince he cried out and he trembled vigourously, and he wailed and punched a straw bale, which caused its imminent collapse, upon the stone ground, and then he lay down on the floor, defeated. The cause of such rambunctiousness in the prince was the result of his most unprincipled endeavour to the day, the report arrived by the horse-messenger and caused much alarm and panic in Mr. Kessler, and sent chills down his spine, and he convulsed and trembled with fear and apprehension. The endeavour in question was the unwarranted espionage against the youngest daughter of the noble family which lived some twenty or thirty kilometers to the south-east, where there were hot breezes from the gulf that swirled in, and mixed with the gaseous miasmas of the swamp-waters which surrounded the territory. The viscount of that noble family was a man of the renaissance, as he said, to him-self, and he was wont to have his daughter educated at the university, which was upon the boughs, and also the prince Kessler was resident there as well. And so it came to pass that Mr. Kessler spent a brief time in the company of that girl, and then they parted ways, as was customary for those times, and took the winter holiday at their separate estates. However, the most ungentlemanly behaviour of the prince started when the young Mr. Kessler spotted the portrait of the girl upon a poster which was posted upon the town square, which was governed loosely by the duke, and, despite his best efforts inquiring of her at the tavern, he discovered nothing, as her informations were shrouded in secrecy. Then, the prince Kessler, not having the moral character of a good Christian man, decided to conduct espionage against her, being a man of the strangest passions. Thusly, he took under his employ several serfs, and peasants, which formed an organisation, whose purpose was to track the number of outgoing and incoming messages which were delivered by the horse-coach to her estate, and, like all fiefdoms, was to be in stable equilibrium, unless she should take action against this, at which point Mr. Kessler would immediately discover that she was indeed being courted by many men, of the town, such of the lower classes, and this repulsed Mr. Kessler, who was of noble blood, and so he saw to it that it was done. And at last, the month had passed, and the organisation reported the solemn news to Mr. Kessler, and he ran off in a hurry, and so that is how the suffering of the prince was began.

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Cavalcadeofcats said...

Enigmatic, but curiously compelling! I do hope there will be a continuance to this tale.