Monday, August 24, 2009

kelseys fiurst day of scool

kelsey wock up in the morning when the cock tcrowed and then he ran off to catch the scoolbus and then he sat on and ate a cereal with whiskey pored over it becuase he was healthfull. Then his first class was in a very cold place and it snowed a lot, then he had a dream about some owles and then came to pick him up into a big towuer and then kelsey climbed all up the tower and he saw the big owles and also he saw nikolous and nikoulous said i will kill that owls because they were interfeing with his scoolwork, but nikolas had a big sword. he stole the sword from the village where he lived and he want to unleash the true power, but nikolous was not a nice man so he can not make the sower glowed porple. then the owl came to kill the kelsey but nikolas interfered which this and then he became a nice person and his sword became glowwing. Then kelsey went to his next class, the techer said, les go on a field trup to learn about his tory, and then he went into a big door that went 1000 years into the past, so kelsey could see what happeend then. Then he saw a naked womon, and he stole her closths, so that he could put them on. then a big snake cane to eat the keslesy, but he took his whiskey to make the snake drunk and then he cut off all his heads, and he became a big hero. then kelsey went home and ate some sandwhsiiches.

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Cavalcadeofcats said...

Wow! That's almost exactly like the game you were playing this afternoon! Even the colour the sword glowed was the same!