Saturday, August 08, 2009

More Updates

The blag is silent like the grave. Sorry! It's been worse, but. Well. It's not very good.

Heading off for Tahoe for a week, so it'll probably remain quiet here. Woo! (Woo.)

Another update to the game mentioned earlier is here. "Challenges" added (in a rudimentary, first-pass form), and a number of UI improvements added. Next release will make major changes to Mook-spawning and Frood-limits, add more and more interesting challenges, and hopefully make several fixes to the Barracks. That might be split over two releases, actually. We'll see.

A quick story, since this is the Blag:

There was once a man who lived in a bog.

His face was all dirty and covered in smog.

(Why smog in a bog? Well, he came from the city, you see.)

Hungry, the man cried, "I demand cookies - for me!"

And then he was eaten by a frog.


(Later, the frog ate Tokyo.)

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