Sunday, August 30, 2009

History: A Discussion

Moderated by the eminent Dr. Zhang, arch-professor of History at Gressenheller University. Let's thank him for his time here tonight, and then watch as the discussion begins. Wow! So tightly focused!

Tarvek S: Pardonnez-moi, monsieur, mais ou est la catastrophe?
Gilgamesh W: En Utah, je crois!
Il y a un grand feu.
C'est quinze miles proche d'Eli!
Tarvek S: Wow! I hear it's also pretty bad down near LA.
They are "besieged".
By flame!
Gilgamesh W: (Il m'a telephone il y a une heur)
Tarvek S: Oh!
He never calls me.
But that is all right.
We were never really that close.
Even before his untimely accident.
Gilgamesh W: How ironic, given that his untimely accident caused his left arm to be permanently glued to your right!
Tarvek S: Ironic indeed.
Like rain on your wedding hay!
Gilgamesh W: Wet hay is entirely inconsumable.
Tarvek S: It's tragic, it is!
The wedding will never go through like this!
Gilgamesh W: A good thing, I think; they've only known each other for three weeks.
Although, statistically speaking, their communities have extremely low divorce rates!
Tarvek S: That's true.
It's their stoic Mormon way!
The Mormons had a kingdom once, you know.
In Wisconsin, on an island.
It ended poorly.
As most kingdoms do.
Oh - I was reading about a kind of a tragic thing.
It was its own independent state for centuries.
A history, famous (or semi-famous) inhabitants, the works.
Gilgamesh W: Should I roll my Rs when pronouncing its name?
Tarvek S: And I had never heard of it until today.
It's dead!
It's gone!
Even its name practically forgotten. (Except for Wiki, of course.)
Gilgamesh W: How curious!
Tarvek S: (The possibly was for the r-rolling.)
Gilgamesh W: What lead to its demise?
Tarvek S: Napoleon.
He had many guns.
The Ragusans had rather fewer.
Gilgamesh W: Blast that Napoleon
Tarvek S: They didn't really put up much of a fight.
Gilgamesh W: And his cookies, too
Tarvek S: Man, if it weren't for his hunger for cookies, he would've started hardly any wars!
Gilgamesh W: Quite!

And that wraps it all up, folks. Thanks for watching, and I hope you've enjoyed your time here. Don't forget to tip Dr. Zhang at the door!

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