Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More About Video Games

More games should be like Lego Star Wars.

There is SO MUCH depth in the game. Play it through in story mode (parodying the movies), play it through in free play - probably repeatedly - with different characters - six levels per episode (one to two of which are lame vehicle levels, admittedly), six episodes, plus extra levels and bounty hunter missions and alternate modes (challenge! SUPER STORY!) and stuff at the level-hub proper...

Goals, too! Try to collect all the various things - minikits (which give cash and gold bricks and nifty little space-ships and stuff), red bricks (which unlock cheats for purchase), blue bricks (which... just give cash, I think?), gold bricks (which unlock extra levels and maybe something else)... then there are characters and other crud to buy at the shop... everything folds into everything else, part of a beautiful whole. And that's not even counting the achievements in the 360 version!

Then, of course, there are the flaws. The camera - more deadly than any enemy - capable of killing - repeatedly! - without reason or cause! The ridiculous length of some levels! (Actually, that's probably not a flaw.) The vehicle levels!

The original vehicle levels!

Man, though, it's pretty fun.

Torrenting Civ IV, because it seems like the simplest way to deal with the poor broken thing. Time remaining: 1 day, 23 hours. (Downloading at 13 KB/s.)

(That's not very fast.)

I haven't been writing enough about the League on the Leagueblog. This isn't my personal twitter!

Corrections will be made.

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