Tuesday, June 24, 2008


poem 1

nikolas lay in his tee-pee, rain without, pouring through the smoke-hole on the top, and drenching him in amber bead

then the northern lights descended from the heavens where they danced, and they entered through the smoke-hole, and they became a form

a figure of a young girl, and she came unto the nikolas, and she lay with him, and the night fell, and the lights went back up into the sky

and his son came unto him, and he threw him unto the river, for he was a heathen, and the river washed away his sin, and he cried

and the child came unto the ocean, and it washed into the valley, and it became the earth, and plants sprung from it

poem 2

then the nikolas went unto the great oracle, at the mountain, and the oracle spoke unto him, that he should go unto the forest, and kill a deer

and take the blood of the deer, and rub it into the earth, and eat the flesh, and to plant a gourd where the blood was, and to raise the gourd plant

and when the gourd was grown he must take it, and cast it into the heavens, such that they receive it, and fill its hollowness with heavenly light

and that he take the gourd from heaven, and crack it, such that the light spill it unto the earth, and he mould the light in the form of a man

and the man will be his son, and his name was chandler


Cavalcadeofcats said...

I really don't know why, but the first one actually struck me as sort-of beautiful.

King Kessler said...

I really don't know why, but the second one actually struck me as sort-of beautiful.