Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the bar

And Nikolas, who was the son of Kessler, and a shepherd, and a flautist, and a spell-binder, did go unto the surface of the Earth, and he hovered about its land forms, and its waters. And it came to pass that Nikolas did see a womon on the Earth, and she was of a form that was pleasant, and he did desire to have dialogues with her, and to arrest her in the town square, and to know her by lying with her, and to bear children with her, and it was good. And it came to pass that Nikolas saw her once while she was in the chapel, praying, and he did steal her address, such that he may come unto her dwelling, and stone it with stones, such that it collapse. And thus he did such that. And it came to pass that the womon, who was without home, did seek shelter from the monsoons, and she did go to the home of the Nikolas, which was paved with gold, and silver, and orichalcum, and she did ask the master of the house to rest there, for she was weary, and sore, and pale, and ill. And the Nikolas did say unto her that it was permissible, because she was a Christian, and she was grateful. And in the course of the night did Nikolas go into her bedchambers, and did he soothe her body with oils, and lineaments, and balms, and she was saved from death.

And it came to pass that the next day, the womon did decide to sojourn to the oasis in the desert, such that she may drink of the elixirs, and be entertained by the performances of the troupes, and in the course of which did the Nikolas accompany her, thus did her husband, who was a merchant, from the Aegean sea, and did the priest Matthias, who was of the good faith, and did they ride in a large caravan, and it was good. And thus did they arrive, and did they sit at one table, and were they served many liquors, and liqueurs, and it was good. And thus did they enter a dialogue of worldly matters, and it was good.

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Cavalcadeofcats said...

Ah! I see. Didn't realize the subject initially. See, there were even more lies then I expected!