Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The End of the Blog


as you may have noticed, the blogs post count has been steadily diminishing Unfortunately, this has been due to a sudden illness of a mr Nikolus, a primary contributor to the blog, who was struck down with vehement boils, and bruises and blood issuing from his orifices It is indeed a miracle that he managed to produce these final posts. However, due to unforeseen consequentness, and a lack of medical care in the town of nikolous, it is with heavy heart that I must inform you that the aforementioned author has passed away last night in the darkness. His final words were "live on in the hopes that you will spring forth new blogs, to serve the people of all nations". Mr nikolous was a great man who loved to bring happyness to many peoples. His favourite foods were yams He liked to eat them from the street, with butter. He liked also chitterlings, and hog maws, and he liked to make fun of his professors Some would call him "invisible" because he did not seen by people, but he touched all with blogs late in life. His family wishes me to express this message: "I knew this blog was a waste of time and now look where he's ended up". He also was a good chiristian, who believed in the holyness of the faiths, and he was a good and kind man.

This heretofore shall be the last post on the blog, a commemoration of his death, and may we honour his spirit for the years to come and have sunshiny days on every day because mr nikolasu dyed with fufilled life

the staff

(april fools)


Oldboy said...

a nikolous spirit possessed me and delivered this message unto here: "..."Good post! Wish I was still around to eat the chitterlings. They sound delicious!..."

King Kessler said...

I was genuinely fooled!