Saturday, April 12, 2008

That Fateful Day

It is hard to tell the tale of that day; the day when Desmond returned from the exotic East, and Carson appeared from the mists, then vanished once more, and all and sundry rejoiced. (Because we, essentially, just played Brawl.)


No storyteller would balk - no matter the difficulty.

So I tell the tale yet -

in song!

Wait, no, I tried that and it didn't work.

In prose:

THE man Stephen, often swimmer, did arrive first; and there was banter.

THEN came the great hero Desmond; his arrival brought cheer, and the battles did begin, as they would continue for much of the day.

THEN Kessler, whose kingdom has been much diminished in the Desmond's absence, and David, invisible man, both of whom saw Desmond's presence and did jump and shout in joy at their reunion.

AND the battles raged, fast and furious; so were all surprised when came the next knock at the door, of the Carson, Liason to barbarians, who was greeted with surprise and glee. And itte wasse goode.

ALL did fight, and battle, and brawl; and there was much quibbling over rules, and items, and suchlike. But for all that, the game was good, for all did brawl, and fight, and skirmish in good faith, and none did desert it 'till the game was done, and even when good Carson had to leave - after one "brrrrrb" - all was good.

BUT at the noon-tide a break was called for; and the David was filled with inspiration; so, first one by one, then all at once, all did travel to the olden room, where interviews were taken from the great Cat-Tree, beneath the Cat-Fruit Fronds. And Stephen did make a mess on the floor, and he did call for paper towels.

SO, after this short adjournment, the good parties did travel to the dining table, wherein the game of the old-men (the "Munchkin") was played. And there was much theft of tokens, and betrayal, and backstabbing, and rules arguments, as is the way of the Munchkin; and when victory came, it was swift, and overwhelming; and it was good.

AND the Cow moved on.

THEN came more fighting; and more; and more. Ever did the fights continue, even as the combatants began to leave; first David, swallowing blood, in preparation for his long trip; then Desmond, recalled by his father, though not yet to the far East; then Stephen, first to arrive, yet not last to leave; for Kessler lingered yet.

KESSLER made a Nikolas-Stage; and here our tale ends, for he has not left yet.

Let the video come! And let this day linger in the memory of all, for all time.

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