Monday, April 07, 2008


so like on the off chance anyone that i actually know find this i will refer to womons as: 1, 2, 3, 4.

One day
in desmondland(read: chol)
i was in a place with a person
and the person left
and then i was left with a guy and 2 womons: 1, and 3
because i was exceited and i was not of cleare mind and then i was like
actually functioning in a social group to an extent like
i was less invisible than i usually am
in this setting because usually people ignore me a lot
in these places, and i was talking amounsgt them
however the womons made many poeints that refuted
and counfounded and bemused me
and made sever al poeints to exclude me from a cool things
and a womon said that she go home but she was walk alone it was lame
this was 3 womon who live clase to me
and then i said that i was goin same way
and the womon 1 was gone off to go her house wchch not on the way
but then she was all like no ill get a ride
and the guy gave her a ride and i was like dude can i go too
and he was like k
and then on the way to the lot of
another womon joined us
this womon 2
and then
we all rided in the carre of the dyde
and it was pretty cool
and i think that womon might actually not hate me
or i could be imagining it
so then after i got home i cheecked the recordes
and it turns out a womon 4
was on the internets
like hour before i got home


Cavalcadeofcats said...


As I suggested, this might belong on a personal blog, more than the Leagueblog.

Can you name the guy?

Also, I know who #4 is, and can give pretty good guesses as to the others.

King Kessler said...

Oh, the irony!