Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why is the blog so deadly quiet?

What has happened to this forlorn land?

Once, it was a place of grand towers and vast edifices. Mechanical titans strode from tower to tower, carrying men more advanced than we to whatever odd business they sought. In the sprawling lands around the towers, teams of clever automatons cultivated and shipped vast quantities of produce in a garden larger than cities, while ever-new varieties of crop and machine were devised and manufactured in the towers themselves. Other towers created new things of every sort, from furniture to computers to rocket-ships, the lands below them dominated by factoriums calibrated to suit the tower-dwellers' every need, with clever platforms above designed to support the striding machines' weight.

And the people themselves - oh, how they lived! Suspended miles above the earth in crystal spires, peering down on the land below through the clouds upon which they floated. Rockets lit the sky day and night, soaring upwards to the orbital factories (and beyond them - to the stars!) and back carrying exotic treasures. And between heaven and earth lived the people, enjoying the best part of each, their existence flawed only insofar as humanity must be flawed, by the squabbles and gripes and minor inconveniences that make us human.

What has become of us? Has the great Machine at Manchester, which broadcast tales from that time into our own, been destroyed - turned off - simply broken down, for a while? Have the people of that land tired of us - or plot against us, their own past, seeking to destroy us that they might be born? And most of all - is there anything we may do? How may the blag rise again, like a phoenix?

Reach upward!

To the stars.

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