Friday, April 04, 2008

Of Nikolas Village, Part III

And so, in the myddle of the nighte, the nikolas went to the house of the womon, under the veil of the nighte, which at the tyme was alreadie dissapearinge, and vanisshing into the sun rise, and the sun beams gmilerd alongst the pavementes, and collbbled streetes, and the boulevardes, and stumbling over a drunkarde, he did beg hisse pardone, however, the dunkard, in a wrathe, for being expelled frome the publick house, and without liquour, or spirites, or wyne, or beere, or meade, or grogge, or liqueur, or alchoholle, and the drunkarde, he did take out hisse blade, and hie didde give Nikoalsu two quiche swipes ackrose the cheeke, such that they made an 'X' shappe in the fleshe, and the bloode was waarme, and it dripped down into the street, and the drunkard, his mind beckoming cleareere with the sunne, and the lighte of daye, realisd the gravituie of his acktiones, and he fled, like a greate white beirde into the cobbled roades, and Nikolas, still wounded, and dased, from the attack, and shell-shocked from the experience, then notissed the bloode, and the paine in hiise fayce seared in his fleshe, and he applied his hand kerchieffe, and he continued on the waye to the womon house, his sensse of response abilitie nevere fayding,

And then he did come upon the house of the womon, and he did see the granidoise steppes, and the marbled tyles, and it was goode. And he ascended the steppes, and he did greete the buttleres and the scullery maides, and he did see a younge servante boy cleaninge the florres, and approaciong the Nikolas, he said hisse name was Kesler and it was very nyce to meete himme, and the laydie of the house was comming downe soon, and to waite in the parlour. And then Nikoolus turned around to the parlour, byt the Kessler did see his opportunute to crete a cruel pranke, and he did snappe the coulottes of the nikoulas vigourouslie, and it was goode. Mr. nikolous, having reckovered from the dreadfulle assaullte, by the drunkarde, and the boy bothe, now recklined in a lagre shaire in the roome, and smoked a cigarre, and had a glasse of whiskey, and applied some to hisse fayce, as a precautione, againste the wounde, and it was goode.

And a few minutes latere, the womon descende into the drawing roome, to greete the gueste, whereupon she had disckovered the Nikolasu, and in her impudence, she would have almost driven himme oute of the house, and indeed was aboutt to do just that thinge, whereupon she disckovered the redde stayned hand kerchief, and the distorted facial conditiones of the Nikolous, and wondeerd if he was all right.


Cavalcadeofcats said...

O, the indignity! Whatever may happen next?

King Kessler said...

This continues to be so cool.