Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Of Nikolas Village, Part I

There is a smalle countrie in the nourthe-easte, off the coaste of aegean sea, whereupon in this countrie, there is a village, by the lake, where there are fishes, and birdes, it is called nikolas village, and in the small towne, where there are many trades-men, and black-smithes, and horse-men, is it where the Nikolaus and the kessler did do many thinges.

One of the thynges that theye dide was on the nighte of st. mouumoeuthe, nikolas the apprentisse to a greate horse-man inhisse stabeles, and outside was a womon, and she was hotte, and coole, and warme, and colde, because it was wintere, and nikolaus, seeing him beeing a gentele man, did offere his great coate to herre, and she did take it upon her bodie, and she did thank himme, and it was goode. And the nikolaus asked her what she was doing outsie the sables, and she said unto him: because I wanted to become the greatest horse-man that ever rode a house, and shoote arrowes from a crosse-bowe on toppe of itte. And the nikolas, muche shoched, said unto her: but madam a womon such as yourselfe should not intereferre in the affaries of warre, and battele, and the man-domaines, and staye in the domeciles. And the womon upon hearinge thisse, did become much upsette, and embittered, and ragefulle, and spittefulle, and hattefulle, and disdainfulle, and soure, and dyspleased, and it was goode. And she left the premisses, because she was upsette with the attitiude of the nikolaus, whom she thought was a not nice personne, in mannere, and she retunned to her domicille. However, what mr nikoalsu did not know was that she wasse the doutter of a riche-man, who was an influentialle politicker in the village, and who owned muche lande, and knowed baronnes, and dukkes, and earlles, and counttes, and it wase gode.

And then the nikolasu came to his house, in a poorer quarter of the vilage, where his house was lighted by kerrosene lampes, and gassoline, and finishing his worke, he ate his simple supper, and he prayed, and he slept in the nightte. And in the morninge, after he had stimulated himselffe, and he could refleckt on his paste actions, he was much agreieved at his behaviour to the womon, and he did realise that his greate coate was missinge, and he did set about to simoltanesouely disckover the womon and identrite, and to retrieve his cote, and to perphaps to rememd affaires with the womon.


Cavalcadeofcats said...

Interesting! I am truly curious to know what happens next.

King Kessler said...

Awesomeawesome! Characters!