Saturday, April 19, 2008

Events in the Absence of our Dear Comrade

He having deserted us, over the last time unit, and having now returned, it is befitting that we bless this near reunion with a recounting of the many adventures that have transpired in his absence.

LO - did we not, conspiring wildly via the etherical medium and working tirelessly in image-editing and physical manipulation, create an Isselandic Currency, that we might better exchange goods and services?

THEN - did we not, boldly, perhaps insanely, concoct a scheme, a plot, a plan, whereby we would travel, journey, break in - some might name it - to that place of education, and learning, to erect a great statue, a figure, twice life size, with paper towel rolls?

FURTHERMORE - did we not travel to our comrade's house, his dwelling, his residence, to deposit items within - deterred by propriety - hiding them, instead, cleverly, around the perimeter of his home, for later delighted discovery?

Did we not do all this, and more?

Indeed we did - and so it is good that he might return home, so that we could share it all with him, come the week's beginning.

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