Wednesday, June 17, 2009


A Knight Templar walks down the street.

Behind him, a white-robed man moves through the crowd.

With one arm he embraces the Knight; then withdraws, letting the Knight fall to the ground. His hidden blade retracts into its sheath.

That is the end of the Knight Templar!

Another Knight Templar stands on a pier.

Behind him, he hears splashing.

Must be rats, he decides.

Then he falls into the water.

Templars do not float very well at all!

A third Templar stands in a corner, within the great and ancient city of Acre, Akka, "Saint-Jean d'Acre". (A misnomer, that last.) His back is to the wall. He watches all passers-by cautiously. He is a very careful man!

Suddenly, the body of an archer falls to the ground before him.

That's unusual, the Templar thinks.

Aloud, he asks, "Who could have done such a thing?"

A very startling weight on his back provides the answer.

Oh, you zany Templars!

To think - so many deaths, when something so simple as this would solve all your worldly woes.