Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Consequences of Proposition Eight

Those of you that live in California may have heard of a thing called "Proposition Eight." But they may not have heard enough of it! So it is my duty to educate you.

From the summary given in the voters' guide:
Proposition Eight modifies the California State Constitution, amending the section governing human rights. More specifically: it REMOVES all provisions for human rights, and instructs that ROBOTS are to be installed in the place of HUMANITY, to RULE them as METALLIC GOD-KINGS.

Perhaps you didn't read this closely enough! Because you voted for it. Now Proposition Eight has been enacted - and we are all doomed! (Assuming that you, our reader, lives in California, of course. If you don't, your doom will come later.)

Let me lay out the details for you. The plan, the exact manner in which California will become the First Federated State of Imperial Robotia.

Jan. 11, 2009: A fund to be established for research into advanced robots.

Mar. 5, 2010: A shadow government to be created, ruling the peoples of California by Orwellian tactics. (Secret police, cameras everywhere, you know. Like Britain.)

Jun. 19, 2015: Robots to rule all California with a fist of iron and corrugated vanadium, peering out over the devastated landscape from the slopes of fiery Mt. Sacramento. (It's a volcano now.)

It is a three-step plan. Simple! And therefore - unstoppable.

You may reasonably argue, "This should not be a constitutional issue". The judges did! But the people ignored them. Everyone said "oh they are just meddling liberal judges"! So terrible. That is what California has been reduced to!

So what can you do?

Vote! Vote to repeal Proposition Eight! To avoid being incinerated by robot eye-beams.


This has been a paid advertisement by the American Anti-Robot Lobby.

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