Thursday, June 18, 2009

nikolas dreams and anticipation


désmònd was borne tò a poor familiè in the citie along the sea-chòast, and it wass güarded by 12 menn oütside the postte. in the dream time, this citie was cursèd. then desmond was a backer in the citie square. he maked crackers and cookees in his oven and he sold them for 23 ducats in the haymarket. but then there was a terrible myst that came into the citie that caused the people to be very sicke and pale. desmond ha detto che devo trovare una cura per la malattia, altrimenti non sarà in grado di vendere il pane in piazza del mercato. then how can he make 23 ducats to feed his mounting humger? he said to him self, i need to go to the moon temple and summone the moon, that way i can lift the ship out of the watter and pilfer its treasor. poi posso salire in casa del re e la sua lotta contro i patogeni nelle sue viscere. Then a white dog came into his house. dogge, he said, can you save the citte from the cirse? he asked the dog. Then, suddenly, the curse was dispelled from the lande. Thank god! he said. poi tornò al forno e ha fatto diversi pani e li ha venduti come al solito. then desmond said to himself, i am a lonely man i need to go take a virgin and lay down with her. He looked all around the town but he could not find any young girls that were interested in him. è tornato al suo lavoro. then a wondering traveller came into the the town. nikolas saw this traveller and it was a young girl, and he thought she was hot and he wanted to have her. so he said hello and he gave her a breadloaf for free and they talked under the shade of the banyan tree. he said:" call me if ur lonely, lol" then nikolas went back home and he waited for 7 days and 7 nights but the traveller did not call him, and he became very sad, and he baked a cake of ashes from his oven, and he buryd it in the ground to feed the birds, to show god that he was sad. then desmond said, i will not let this plauge me this no more, i must find a new young traveller, and sure enough one came in the next day, and he repeated the procedure, but the same thing happened and he was very sad and angry and he make a loaf of beread in the shape of penis, and the hanged it on a tree.

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That made exactly no sense!