Monday, June 22, 2009

the grand occasion

Nikolas summoned his guards to the throne out to make the declaration

In 2 days there would be a grand celebration of the vanquishment of the fortified city
Keeping the traditions of the days which were good and pleasant
Of the oft forgotten times when the wind roamed free across the lands
Leaving the capital city, Nikolas summoned from the farthest lands
A most wise man, his beard thicker than the night-mists
Stopping along the way to pick up Mr Kessler as well

In the house they congregated, with daggers concealed in their cloaks
Slinking out into the sun they took the caravan to the fish-market

A long and winding road took them to their destination

Looking around they spotted the vendor of flatbreads and slaughtered meat
Opened 10 bottles of snake-wine did they, until they could not carry themselves
Smelling the grass
Eventually returned to the house
Reveling in strange amusements

1 comment:

Cavalcadeofcats said...

Whoa, vanquishings!

Big fan of the second paragraph.

(But this wasn't about those names at all!)