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Chapitre 1.

In the lande of the Kingley realmes, of the Northe of the villages which wert inhabilited by the men Desmonde, and Nikoulous, and the King Kessler all so, was a dark and puissant wizerd, his name be Kristophe Robèrte, one of the Normans, also of the House of Lower Saxony, and also of Brittany, of the coasts, and the Thrashing Waves, whence derived the Power of the Crystales, all so was he of a strange dissposition. And yea, it came to passe, that, upon the years of the Lord, 5 years there after the conquete of the Wall'd City upon the great Riviere, and King Kessler, looking to expand the Kingley domane, and he, sent out a scout upon the area, which was 20 furlongs wyde, by the Grace of the Lord, and, upon Strafford, and the merites of the Areas. He thusly encounter'd the great wizerd, who at the tyme was indulging in his perennial bathe, to maintaine the complexion of his skine, and to dispell the insects which lodged upon his beard, which was indeed, a sicht to beholde, twixt the branches of the gnarl'd treese, and twelve hands strecthched across it could not beholde its lenghte, nor the girth of which it possess'd.

The great wizerd was inraged upon this infraction of his rights, as a humain being, and the immediately took the scout unto his domane, and split his body upon the Rock Face, that he died, and 't was good. And yea, it come to passe, that it be the King Kessler who was most inraged and who sent his most hurtfull and spitefull feelings in a letter which was sent by the poste carriers. And the wizerd M. Robert was most displeasaed at this, and he declar'd war upon the Lande of the Kessler.

Chapter 2.

And the Great Auroch Kessler was most distressed, and he was frightened for his lyfe, for he know that the royale armies can not stand to such puissant magics, and that he would be crushed like a bugge. And the Héro Desmonde, who wield the Sword Durendall, and who was a man who was like a great man, said to Kessler, I cannot defeat the man who is a wizerd, even with the power of the sword Durendall, for the man wields puissant magic, such that I would be incapacitated, and not able to fight, for my honour, and defeate him.

Then, it came to passe that the Cheif vizier of the courte came unto the King Kessler and he said to him, you must seek the help of the great mage upon the mountian toppe, his name be Wim Kok, the puissant one.

Then Kesler went unto the mountain top, and he sought the advise of the great Mage Wim Kok, and he said unto him, my lord, I am greatly plagued, for a fortnight and a half has passed since I sent out a message by the post horse to the princesse regent of the Normans, to aske her to come to the castle for tea and scones, and yet have I to receve a replay. And then Wim Kok sent a bolt of light unto his eyes, and he saw immediately the most bad and unappealing aspects of the young girl, and he became instantly repulsed, and wanted nothing to do with her, and he left in peace, now he was a free man.

Chapter 3.

Then he remember'd his obligations and duty against the puissant wizerd of the cave, and he sought once again the counsal of the mage, and he mage looked into the heart of King Kessler, and he saw that it was not pure, and he would not give him the sacred spelles. So King kessler scoured the land to searche for a one whoe was pure of the heart, but he could not find any one.

So Kesler sojurned back to the cave of Wim Kok, and he said unto him, great mage, I cannot find any one who is pure of the heart, and then the mage said to him to go to his discipel the great sage Joop Uyl, and that he would guide his pathe.

Thusly did Kesler sojourn to the cave of Joop Uyl, which was perched upon the other tall mountain covered in snow and the blood of his enemies, and he reached the great sage, and he said unto him what he needed to say. And then Joop Uyl said unto him, that he must go unto the land of the normans, and he must take the princesses of the normans, to Win Kok, such that he may test her. to be continuted


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Cavalcadeofcats said...

Chapter 1: Wow!
Chapter 2: Great Auroch!
Also: Wim Kok!
Also: Oh no, it's the womon thing again!
Chapter 3: Okay, good, glad we're done with that.
Also: Sodom and Gomorrah?
Also: Joop Uyl!

That was amazing! Started off strong and then faded a bit, but that's quite all right. I, in all honesty, eagerly anticipate further entries in the series!

(With, ideally, a minimum of out-of-character angst; but I know there are limits to what a Zhang can do.)