Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The King and the milkman

LO! This is the truth! Let it be spoken! This is the tale of the King Kessler! A noble man was he!

LO! Once upon a time in a land what was inhabited by wolfs, and bears, and lions ! And what there was a King on the throne what slayed 20 myrmidons ! To claime the throne! And his name was Kessler ! His beard 20 meters long! And what he protected his honour with brandished sword ! A purple robe he wore! With bells laced upon it! Stained with the blood of his enemies ! Skilled with the lance was he!And the sword too!!

LO! Did then the King Kessler not go unto the mountain, and seek the great oracle ? And was not the mountain pass guarded by steeds, mounted upon steeds ? And did those oft-heated steeds not wield the mouthpiece of hot iron and flak ? And were they not fierce as the hell-fires ? And were they not only weak to the piercing sting of the lance, and to the withering slash of the sword ? And thus did the King kessler not go upon the mountain, to slay the beasts, and did he not escape within an inch of his life ? And did he not curse his weakness, and crawl upon the ground, and weep bitter tears ??

LO! So the King Kessler crawled like a snake ! On the floor of the palace, where bears slept! And the door sounded a great and terrible crash! And in came the milk maid ! Bearing 10 liters! And King kessler lifted himself off the ground, and took the milk from her! He looked up and saw her face! Then a bear howled in the night! A great and terrible roar! Carrying the 5 winds upon its might! King Kessler was in love with this girl! And he fell upon the ground like a snake! And he slithered about the floor! !

LO! And was not she of the slender frame, and the pale skin ? And did she not wear the exotic perfumes of Southern lands? Had she not the hair of golden weave? Was she not a disciple of Pythagoras? Was she not the progeniteur of natural philosophy? So did the King Kessler then not ask her to improve his spearing technique ? And did she not agree to that? Did the King kessler not look upon her breasts while he trained, was he not a pervert ? Did she not relate stories to him of far-off lands? And those which were filled with exotic delights? And did he not relish in them as a wanton fool ??

LO! The Phonecians attacked the port city to the North! King Kessler, summoned to battle was he! Two nights had he left with the girl ! He languished in horror! He invited her to the royal court! For the banquet ! She could not abandon her cows in the pasture ! He could not speak his love ! He wondered by the pastures ! In the night ! Unseen !

LO! Were not the two nights expired ? Was it not the duty of the King Kessler to fight the battle? And did he not go? And did they not lay siege to the town for three months ? Did he not fight valiantly the time entire? Did he not gain many scars, and did not he take many heads ? Did his armies not crush the Phonecians ? A great treasure did they not acquire? And did King Kessler, triumphant, not return to his beloved homeland?

LO! King Kessler returned! On a silver stallion rode he ! Into the town, victorious ! A hero was he!

LO! Did he not seek his love? Three days and three nights did he not look? Did he not find her finally, the wife of the miller ?

LO! This is the truth! Let it be spoken! This is the tale of the King Kessler! A noble man was he!

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Cavalcadeofcats said...

Very dramatic! I find myself inexorably inspired. No language may be more purple than yours, my friend! I commend it.