Monday, October 05, 2009

It's Mr. Kessler's Birthday!

Hooray for Mr. Kessler's birthday!

Very early this morning, a package arrived at Mr. Kessler's residence. Mr. Kessler picked it up; Mr. Kessler looked at the label. It had come all the way from Dreamland - and it was for him!

Mr. Kessler's heart leapt with joy!

(actually he spent like forty-five minutes getting the blasted thing to work)

Then Mr. Kessler's heart leapt with joy!

And so generous, so kind, so benevolent is Mr. Kessler that he will share his gift with all of you!

Download link is here! (You'll want to run "waddledee.exe"; "waddledee.sourcecode" is actually just a text file, if you want to have a look at it.)

An excerpt of the letter enclosed in Mr. Kessler's package:

Here are some things you may wish to try!

  • Click near the ground!
  • Click in the sky!
  • Double-click near the ground!
  • Marvel and delight at the natural splendor of existence!
Happy birthday, Mr. Kessler!

Aaand many moreeeeee...

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