Friday, October 09, 2009

chronicles of nikolas

If you walk through the swirling sands of the largest desert to the north of our lands, and you cross through the oases, to the break of the rising sun, that touched the dunes on the mount high aloft, you will find the ancient kingdom of KESSLER, which is inhabited by the KESSLER people, built tough, and muscular, with dark complexions, and mysterious to outsiders. In the capital city of the Kingdom there is a young man, who is known to his peers as NIKOLAS, the one of the large head, and who studies in the seminary in the gardens upon the fountain. NIKOLAS enters the large rectory, and he prepares for his studies. This is what happened from then on.

Chapter I.

1. Nikolas stays after class to help those who are struggling to comprehend the lecture material.
2. He needs to inflate his ego.
3. One day a small group of students gather around him, eagerly awaiting his discourse.
4. He notices among this group a young lady, whom he finds intriguing, and sets himself after.
5. He throughly explains what he knows to the paupers.

Chapter II.

1. A year passes, Nikolas is in class again.
2. He notices the girl again, still in the same class as he is.
3. Staring at her vigorously, he notices her dress matches the pattern on his.
4. He writes down his observation.
5. He decides on a course of action.

Chapter III.

1. He buys a dark robe and tunic and paints it bright red spattered with blood.
2. That night, he goes to her dinner table, and slips the sleeping powder unto her wine.
3. While she is fast asleep, he abducts her and takes her to a remote location.
4. Wearing the robe, he assumes the identity of "DESMOND THE DESTRUCTOR"
5. He explains his evil plans to her, saying he has kidnapped her and holds her for ransom.

Chapter IV.

1. He tells her that she will die if he is not paid.
2. Nikolas slips quietly into the woods while she is not looking.
3. He replaces "DESMOND THE DESTRUCTOR" with a bale of straw, wearing the robe.
4. Thus the impression is given that he keeps watch over her, though from a large distance.
5. Nikolas, now without disguise, runs to her, with his musket, and charges the straw bale.

Chapter V.

1. Nikolas dispatches "DESMOND THE DESTRUCTOR".
2. He goes to the girl and frees her, and takes her back to the town.
3. Believing that Nikolas saved her life, she becomes extremely grateful to him.
4. He uses his new power over her to convince her to have sex with him.
5. Nikolas is quite satisfied that night.

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Cavalcadeofcats said...

Chapter V, section 3 is "doing it wrong", as they say.

Aside from that: rad-times! Excellent Davidopost. 100% out of a possible 80%!