Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cooking Dinner

It was 8:35 when I considered dinner.

By this time, every dining hall on campus was closed. There was one that normally stayed open until 11, but today, for some reason, not so. The options, then: starve, or buy food from one of the general stores on campus. (They stayed open until 1!)

I chose option 2.

Entering the store, I considered the available options. There were snacks - certainly, snacks aplenty. There were microwaveable meals - I looked on them with skepticism. But one, the mysterious "Bagel Bites", sparked an idea...

Minutes later, I exited the store, a small bag of cheese and a set of bagels cradled under my arm. I had a Plan.

I opened the packages!

I separated a bagel into halves!

I put cheese on one of the halves!

I put the bagel in the microwave!

Three minutes later, I returned to see how the bagel-cooking had progressed.

Smoke had filled the kitchen, and the bagel was in ruination. And worst of all -

The plate on which I had put the bagel - purchased only days ago - had split unevenly in two.

(The bagel, though it smelled appetizingly of the cheese melted into it, was completely dehydrated. Tragically inedible.)

My second attempt, far humbler, was more successful.

But - let us say only that my room-mate has told me, with great kindness, that if I ever want to cook something again, I should just ask him to fix it for me. You know. To avoid further property damage.


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Calvacadeofcats said...

what a crafty adventure