Sunday, July 27, 2008


the idea of the nikolas

1: Almost certainly hates me, very distant and cold last conversed. Quite unfavourable outlook. Hit on first, one and some odd years ago. Some desire to hit on.

2: Probably doesn't hate me, maybe. Talked to the other day, but will not start conversation unless spoken to. Hit on first at least one year ago (executed quite poorly). Probably no desire to continue hitting on, out of shame.

3: Might not hate me, probably. Seemed friendly enough last time spoken to, but have not kept in touch. Did not actually hit on, but originates to early this year. Little to some desire to hit on.

4: Probably hates me, but might not. Do not know very well, seemed reserved. Pseudo-hit-on near beginning this year, culminated in April/May. Little to some desire to continue.

5: Unlikely to hate me, perhaps. Still maintains somewhat relations, quite friendly. Did not actually hit on, after finding out she was married. Some desire to hit on.

6: Probably does not hate me. Relations good since last spoke, seems best shot at time being, but distance soon to follow not favourable. Have not actually hit on. Some to quite strong desire to hit on, if not only to foil the pimp-man.

7: Probably hates me. Last message received somewhat unfavourable, not very well acquainted. Have not hit on actually. Some desire to start.

8: Might not hate me. Not well acquainted, but thought she was hot years ago. She seemed agreeable with notion. Some desire to hit on.

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Cavalcadeofcats said...

Comprehensive! A valuable guide for any follower of the Davidverse. Well worth the money. 10/10!