Friday, July 11, 2008

WALL*E: Digestion

The movie WALL*E (not sure if that's its proper name) is pretty good. That is good! But sometimes - just sometimes! - it veers from the realms of science. Sometimes - in certain parts of the movie - it becomes 'soft' science fiction!

I may mention and dissect these problems at some point - there are some number, including supporting a civilized ecosystem in the interstellar void, long-term mechanical maintenance, large-scale heterogenous-composition tower construction, and rapid terraforming of toxin-filled planetoids. There are others, but they're too minor for me to mention.

But I'm afraid of ruining the movie for those who haven't watched it, and also it's rather late for this author, and he's not certain that he can be fully coherent. So I'll wrap it up with this: the movie's pretty good!

(This is longer than my Iron Man review, it should be noted.)

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