Sunday, July 13, 2008

The David Mythos: An Introduction

We all know of the man known as David A. Zhang: a kind and generous fellow, free with his time, pleasant and respectful to all and sundry; in short, a gentleman of the classical sort. Yet there are many things that Mr. Zhang says; and some of them do not, strictly speaking, correlate to events in the real world. That is, they are false.

We know that Mr. Zhang is a gentleman; he would never lie to us, nor attempt to decieve us; he would never give us up, etc, etc. So why would he say things that, in relation to real life, are false? The answer is simple, and easily deduced: they are true in another world. The world known as: The David Mythos.

The David Mythos are a world very different from our own. Their characters are simpler then ours, more plain-cut: love or hate, friend or foe - and more often the latter then the former. There are no girls or women, only womons; and they may only be targets for lust or regret. Teachers are nemeses, plotting against the noble David. Worst of all is the dreaded Ryan Tseng, millionare playboy, who thieves all the womons away.

This is the world of which Mr. Zhang speaks of, when he seems to lie. I have only scratched the surface of its terrifying depths. Dare to plunge in. Dare to explore...

the David Mythos.

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