Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fishcamel Adventures!

One day, there was a fish who turned into a camel. He was very confused! He had never had legs before - or fur, or lungs, or any of those strange properties of quadripedal land-walking mammals! He was just a fish. He went to other people, asking them, "What do legs do?", "Why was I transformed from a fish into a camel?" But the people were cruel to him! They did not believe that a camel could talk, and said, "Get out of your camel-suit, strange man!" The camelfish tried to explain that he had been transformed, but they would not listen to him! This happened several times. Eventually, disgusted, the camelfish left its body behind. "Now they will be satisfied," it mumbled under his breath, cackling between every other word. "Now they will SEE the TRUTH! Ahahaha."

But they just called him a ghost! The bodiless camelfish was very sad.

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