Monday, September 28, 2009

The tinkerer

One day Nikolas was walking along in his village when he saw a "pretty young thing". Being a Nikolas type of fellow, he set about immediately to try to get her "in bed". Now Nikolas was studying many things in the university, but the most important thing was the fluid thing. He used his knowledge of the fluid to build a giant water gun, so that he would shoot water at the girl from a long distance, so that her shirt would be come wet, and he could see through it. It was a very good idea except Nikolas forgot how to power his big water gun. He realised he did not know anything about the electricity, or the magnets, and he needed this to power his "big gun". So then the divel came in through the roof, and he said to Nikolas, hey man I can like, teach you that thing, you know, bro, but like you have to like, give me some cool stuff ok dog. And then Nikolas was like, what kind of cool stuff. And then the divel said I want your soul, o ho ho. What a clever divel he was. Then Nikolas said, ok, and he learned all of the electricity, and he took a large coil of wire, and he coiled it up, and he laid it down under a power pole, and he got some "high-voltage rock and roll". Then he hooked up the ends to his water gun, and he aimed and prepared to shoot. But Nikolas forgot one thing, water and electricity dont mix. How silly of him. And that was the end of that.

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Cavalcadeofcats said...

That was very dramatic! I like how "trying to get her in bed" is the same as "getting her shirt damp so that he can see through it". It is very Davidish!

(Also, it's good to have the divel back again. I've missed that guy.)