Monday, September 21, 2009

Apartment 4203

By popular demand - "popular", of course, being quite rightly defined as "Mr. Zhang's" - we send our finest investigative reporters to that cesspit of sin, that darkest den of inquity... Apartment 4203. Shield your eyes, gentle readers! For now our dark tale begins.

The Apartment's unassuming entrance, hidden behind mounds of greenery, belies its true nature.

Observe! So placid! So serene! So very nearly clean! One can hardly fathom that such fiends live here as, in the fact of the matter, do.

Entering the bathroom is a harrowing experience; unearthly apparations seem almost to haunt the place, mimicking one's actions in the mirrors. We move on quickly.

Here, one of the foul denizens of this place, his visage captured as we beat a quick retreat. His room is not the one we sought -

But here - here -

Agh! Oh, the horror, the horror!

We flee -

And out the back, barely sparing a glance for the method of our escape.

A warning to all who read this: never venture into that dread place, if you value your life and sanity! It is not a place where Men should walk.

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Buffy said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures - and for the very Nick-like comments.