Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The story of the man in the moon

There was a man who lived on the moon. He was very lonely. But it was fine because there were other people living there too; there was a city in a big dome on the moon, and it was a colony of the earth peoples. But this is not very relevant to the story, so forget it. Like most solid citizens of his age he went to university often. It was at this point that he became interested in the plant species, and the potted plants, and the herbs, and sometimes he smoked the herbs too. So he decided to take a class in the plant biology. It was there that he met 2 important people who destiny would guide him against for months to come. The first was a very strange man, in his habits and his manner of appearance and dress, and he often spoke in strange and indecipherable ways, such that it was quite confusing to listen to him, and sometimes vexing, to the point that the first man did not wish to associate with this man too often. The second person was a young girl who was quite pleasant in her ways. Naturally, the first man wanted to have sex with her. But then she ended up having sex with the strange man described previously instead. In the course of things, the first man learned of this. "Damn" he said.

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