Wednesday, September 02, 2009

There Are Two Space Stations

(This post was going to be somewhat less terse, but then I became tired and slothful. Apologies.)

Once there were two space stations.

"Whirl in orbit!" went Space Station One.

"Transmit vital solar power!" went Space Station Two.

Then there was a great big crash! (Though only the people in Space Station Two could hear it, because sound doesn't travel in a vacuum.

"Hey!" the people in Space Station Two complained. (Over the radio.) "Dang Space Station One people! Your trash is hitting us and wrecking all our solar panels!"

"Ha ha!" the Space Station One people laughed. Then they hung up! Over the radio! How rude!

"Dang gosh," the Space Station Two people said grumpily. "We totally have to do something about this before it gets worse!"

Then it got worse.

"We probably should have done something about this," the Space Station Two crew admitted, plummeting uncontrollably downwards towards a fiery death.

And that's why procrastination is a mortal sin! You can look it up.

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