Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I leave home tomorrow.

There's remarkably little hurry. Thanks mostly to my mother's planning, everything's getting packed up and stored in plenty of time. Just an hour or two a day, to put my life away.

Sorry for the rhyme.

There's few things that are really unique to me. Computer games, DS and accessories, take up very little of the space. (Thankfully, most of the computer games I play these days are digitally distributed, so I can reinstall them wherever without bothering with CDs or DVDs. Thanks, Steam!)

The cat seems to know something's going on. She's increasingly irritable, and I fear that she will commit gross indignities against my yet-unpacked belongings. She's been known to. Nothing so far, though, and my window of vulnerability is closing.

Meanwhile, I've gotten an automated call to my new phone giving me a "second warning" that my vehicle registration had lapsed. Strange given that 1) I've never registered any vehicle, 2) it's a new phone (and a new phone number), and 3) I don't presently own a vehicle. I am inclined to think that this warning was nothing other than a lie.

Tragic, to think what our society's sunk to.

My friends remain reclusive and hermit-like as I finish preparations. The person I've heard most from in the last week is Mr. Zhang, who presently lives three thousand miles further from any of my other friends. Mr. Higham, why do you forsake me so?

Packing up all my stuff, backing up all my save-games, leaves me with little to do, and generates posts like these.

Hopefully tomorrow's road trip will be more interesting. Hoping to return with more stories then.

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